Tracy Marcus empowers elegance through meticulously crafted white lace cover-ups, providing a sophisticated and comfortable style. She dedicates her designs to her family, the catalyst behind her brand’s decade-long journey.

Tracy purchased her first luxurious white cover-up in 2012 at a resort spa while on a trip to Miami. She could never find another and over the years as people commented on their love of the style, she decided to create a brand of her own. 


In 2013, Tracy started researching the business, while at the same time working full time in investment banking and raising six children.

Finding the proper fabric and someone who could actually create samples took years.  In 2021, Tracy was introduced to Haifa Abdulhadi, a local seamstress and business owner, who became Tracy’s sample maker, confidant and friend. Tracy and Haifa have established an amazing relationship while working to bring the collection to life. 


Tracy embarked on a decade-long journey of dreaming, designing  and crafting her collection of soft, white, chic dress-style cover-ups, travelling to New York to source the best fabrics. In March 2024, the dream became a reality and Tracy launched her first collection.


Tracy has created a brand of white and plans to establish herself as the “go to” for consistent white luxury styles. “When you put on a white cover-up you are noticed.” The fabric and details are what create an elegance and ease to the brand.

There is nothing better than seeing a woman in classic white; timeless and beautiful.